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LPG Industry Roadmap

The Roadmap presents the “Autogas vision”, a scenario in which Autogas plays a significant role in helping Europe meet its energy and environmental challenges both now and in the future.…

Liquigas Malta Launches Autogas in Malta

Liquigas Malta Limited, a joint venture between Multigas Limited (a local company specialising in industrial gases) and Liquigas Italy (a subsidiary of SHV Energy), today launched autogas in Malta. This…

Refundable Deposit nn Gas Cylinders

In a statement issued today, Liquigas clarified a number of points regarding the refundable deposit on all yellow, brown and green cylinders owned by Liquigas Malta Ltd. Download Full Article

Deposit on Extra Cylinders

As from 1st February 2010, the deposit on an extra cylinder will be the following: Cylinder of 10/12/15 kg € 25 Cylinders of 25 kg € 40 The deposit will…