Supplier of LPG Gas and Autogas in Malta

Liquigas has embarked on a campaign to collect illegally repainted dark grey cylinders from the market.

It said in a statement this morning there are a number of Liquigas green and yellow LPG cylinders that have been illegally repainted dark grey and filled by third parties.

“Liquigas is not in a position to assume responsibility for such cylinders as required by European and Maltese legislation.”

It said these repainted cylinders easily show the original Liquigas green and yellow paint under the grey coating.

Liquigas said it was offering customers a free of charge replacement for illegally painted cylinders, whether used or sealed, with a full Liquigas green or yellow cylinder.

The replacement cylinders would be delivered to the customer free of charge.

The offer is valid until November 7.

Those who are in possession of an illegally painted grey cylinder should contact Liquigas Malta on or call 2248 6010 during office hours.