Liquigas Malta joins Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation to continue helping the community of Malta

Liquigas Malta understands the importance of giving back to the community and that is why together with Farsons Foundation, Farrugia Investments and Multigas Ltd, it has made a donation to the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation (MCCFF). This donation will help the MCCFF to continue its work in supporting those in need in the Maltese […]

Liquigas delivers more than 8 million cylinders filled by Gasco Energy Ltd in past decade of operations

During the last ten years of operations, Gasco Energy Ltd, the operator of the leading LPG facility in Malta, has filled more than 8.5 million green cylinders owned and distributed by Liquigas. Gasco Energy Ltd started operating its €25 million facility in Bengħajsa ten years ago. This facility includes a marine importation terminal and a […]

Liquigas confirms secured supplies of LPG required for the foreseeable future

Following yesterday’s news reports regarding the potential impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the supply of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), Liquigas Malta Limited has confirmed with the relevant authorities that it has secured supplies of LPG required to meet demand in Malta for the foreseeable future. This was achieved thanks to the support […]

Agreement reached: Liquigas gas price pegged at €15 for 12kg cylinder

During today’s cordial meeting called by Liquigas Malta Ltd to clarify the situation regarding the price of gas, the Minister for Energy and the Regulator for Energy and Water Services  (REWS), understood the position of Liquigas, the main supplier of gas in Malta. Liquigas thanked the Minister and REWS for appreciating its long-term operational circumstances, […]

Liquigas fully stocked up to supply gas according to demand

With the onset of Covid-19, and the preventive measures being taken in Malta, Liquigas Malta is guaranteeing a reliable, safe and adequate LPG supply for consumers, operators and distributors through Gasco Energy’s state of the art LPG facility including a sea importation terminal, as well as a storage and cylinder filling plant at Bengħisa. In […]

Liquigas Malta’s Internal Investigation

Liquigas is updating its customers regarding the incident that happened on 9th January 2020 in Attard. Whilst waiting for the conclusions of an ongoing magisterial inquiry, Liquigas has done its internal investigations and found that the cylinder in question was subjected to excessive heat coming from the exhaust of a fireplace which led to the […]

Gas Cylinder Incident – Statement by Liquigas Malta

‘’Following an incident involving a Liquigas LPG gas cylinder, which occurred on the evening of Thursday 9 January outside a residence in Attard, Liquigas Malta is carrying out the required technical assessment to investigate the cause and related circumstances. These findings will be made known to the public once all relevant facts have been assessed. […]

Liquigas Malta Marks Its First 10 Years

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Liquigas Malta. During these years, this Italo-Maltese joint venture has led efforts to encourage the use of clean liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) in Malta. The milestones of the first ten years of Liquigas’s presence in Malta were highlighted by the company’s Chairman Mr Louis A. Farrugia and the […]

Court Condemns Easygas for Illegal and Abusive Deeds

The First Hall of the Civil Court has ordered Easygas Malta Ltd (dark grey cylinders) to pay damages to Liquigas Malta Ltd (green cylinders) in connection with the use of Liquigas green cylinders for the sale of gas, which Easygas was found to have illegally and abusively over- painted in its own dark grey colour […]

Liquigas Cylinders Are Regularly Tested and Certified

Gas is safe as long as it is properly used   The details of the latest two incidents involving gas as carried in some media, unfortunately were not correct as none of them involved exploded cylinders. One was the result of a defective appliance and the other was due to a cracked rubber pipe. The first […]

Regulator Investigating Claims of Illegally Filled Gas Cylinders

The Water and Energy Services regulator said today it is investigating claims by Liquigas that some of its gas cylinders were being illegally filled and distributed by its competitor Easygas, saying affected cylinders could be distinguished by their green seal. In a statement this afternoon, the regulator said that when it was informed of similar allegations it had […]

Check For the Liquigas-Branded Seal

The illegal filling of Liquigas’ green cylinders continues unabated even after the company had brought this abuse to the attention of authorities and the police over three years ago. The latest evidence of this abuse was discovered by Liquigas after a number of its green cylinders were filled and distributed by its competitor with a […]

Dutch Ambassador Pays Courtesy Visit

Liquigas Malta CEO Roberto Capelluto, Gasco Chairman Louis A. Farrugia, Dutch Ambassador Joop Nijssen, Gasco Energy CEO Paul Agius Delicata and Gasco Energy Chief Financial Officer Stephen Muscat. In an effort to foster stronger developmental ties between The Netherlands and Malta, H.E. Joop Nijssen, Ambassador of The Netherlands visited Gasco Energy offices in Benghajsa. The […]

The Company Sells Only Gas and Not the Cylinder Which Remains the Company’s Property

The Court pronounced itself on the ownership of gas cylinders in a judgement delivered today by Mr Justice Mark Chetcuti. The Court decided that, the cylinder in which the gas is sold, remains the property of the suppliers. Indeed, as owner of the cylinder, the supplier – in this case Liquigas – retains the responsibility […]

Liquigas to Collect Illegally Painted Cylinders

Liquigas has embarked on a campaign to collect illegally repainted dark grey cylinders from the market. It said in a statement this morning there are a number of Liquigas green and yellow LPG cylinders that have been illegally repainted dark grey and filled by third parties. “Liquigas is not in a position to assume responsibility […]

Liquigas Plate Shooting

Images from the Liquigas plate shooting competition held at Hal-Far on the 14/12/2014.

Liquigas Powers Xplane

Liquigas Malta has extended its support and namesake to Liquigas Xplane, a boat participating in the 2014 Rolex Middle Sea Race (RMSR) which sets sail tomorrow. Liquigas Xplane skipper Sean Borg said: “We have been working really hard lately and the crew has been preparing for months now. Read Full Article “We have been working […]

Maltese Yacht Receives Liquigas Sponsorship

Liquigas Malta extended its support and namesake to Liquigas Xplane, a sailing yacht participating in the upcoming Rolex Middle Sea Race (RMSR), set to sail on Saturday 18th October 2014. The ever-growing popular race, which this year has attracted a record-breaking 123 yachts from more than 20 countries, consists of a 608 nautical mile racecourse […]

Liquigas Malta Ltd Awarded for Auto Liquigas

Liquigas Malta Ltd awarded for the introduction of Auto Liquigas at the TransLog Awards 2014.

Making a Splash

Marsa was declared winner of the Victory Day regatta races at the Grand Harbour yesterday afternoon, an event watched by hundreds. Last year, Marsa shared the title with Cospicua after the two rowing teams jointly snatches the title from Senglea, who had won the previous five years. Download Full Article

Liquigas Shooting Team and Tournament

Images from the Liquigas Shooting Team and tournament sponsorship at Southern Shooting Club.

500 Grants Awaiting Car Owners to Switch to LPG

Some 500 owners can still convert their vehicle to autogas, have their fuel costs reduced and can also apply for the government grant scheme in this regards. Already around 200 petrol car owners have benefited from this scheme which closes at the end of 2014 or earlier if the maximum of 750 claims is reached. […]

Reduction on Deposit on Cylinders to €15

From Tuesday, Liquigas will be reducing the refundable deposit on all its portable cylinders from €25 to €15 requiring a new service – meaning an additional cylinder without returning an empty one. Download Full Article

Liquigas Sponsors Lifecycle

Liquigas sponsors Lifecycle for the 4th year. The LifeCycle Organisation was founded in 1999 to create awareness and generate support for patients suffering from end stage renal disease. To do this it organizes the LifeCycle Challenge, which is one of the most gruelling endurance events in Europe, pitting a dedicated team of Maltese cyclists against the elements […]

Liquigas Introduces New and Easier Cylinder Seals

Liquigas malta is introducing new seals on all its gas cylinders as from monday 5th may 2014 offering a simpler and more convenient system for consumers to take off the seal before use and to help customers to distinguish between genuine and fake seals. This is part of liquigas ongoing commitment to ensure safety, quality […]

Lower LPG Price Until 30th September

Liquigas Malta has managed to fix a lower price of LPG in cylinders for the next five months, as from tomorrow 1st May until 30th September 2014. The new prices will be as follows: LPG MIX CONSUMER PRICE inc. VAT FOR 1ST MAY TO 30TH SEPTEMBER 2014 KG. 12 € 17.10 KG. 15 € 21.40   […]

Price of Gas Down to 80¢

The price of a standard 12kg gas cylinder for household use will go down by 80 cents to €18.40 from today, Liquigas Malta Limited announced. However, the price of unleaded petrol will go up by 2 cents and will stay at €1.46 per litre until the end of June. Download Full Article

Autoliquigas – Cheaper, Cleaner, Safer

Third Autoliquigas Fueling Station Launched

Liquigas has kept and will continue to keep its promise that the price of AutoLiquigas remains 50% that of petrol. On an individual level, users are constantly saving up to 50% on fuel costs for using their converted cars. This benefit, together with the incentive scheme launched by the government last year and extended until […]

Step on the Gas – Paqpaq Feature

Using gas as an alternative fuel is becoming more and more popular. Since the first installation about a year ago, the numbers are growing steadily as is the volume of gas being distributed at the three stations that are equipped to supply vehicles with LPG. The increase is due to a number of reasons. Firstly, […]

Autoliquigas Fuelling Station Open at St Andrews

Liquigas has kept and will continue to keep its promise that the price of AutoLiquigas remains 50% that of petrol. On an individual level, users are constantly saving up to 50% on fuel costs for using their converted cars. This benefit, together with the incentive scheme launched by government last year and extended till December […]

Autogas Conversion Scheme Extended

Transport Malta, in conjunction with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, is extending the scheme to incentivise vehicle owners to convert their vehicle’s fuel system to Autogas. Transport Malta, in conjunction with the Ministry for Transport and Infrastructure, is extending the scheme to incentivise vehicle owners to convert their vehicle’s fuel system to Autogas. This […]

Autogas/LPG Scheme Extended

Transport Malta and the Transport Ministry are extending the scheme to encourage vehicle owners to convert their vehicle’s fuel system to autogas/LPG. The authority and the ministry said this was another environment friendly budget measure aimed at reducing the amount of emissions generated from road traffic. Read Full Article

Consumers Should Check LPG Cylinder Seals

Liquigas offers to help its customers Following its announcement that some LPG cylinders have been filled illegally, and in an unregulated way, at a third party site, Liquigas Malta is advising consumers to check LPG cylinder seals before use. Liquigas Malta genuine seals have an injection point on top, between the words ‘Liquigas’ and ‘Malta’ and […]

Pipe Fittings Sealed to Prevent Illegal Gas Refills

Malta Resources Authority has sealed a number of pipe fittings that could be used to illegally refill cylinders at a gas facility that is under investigation. The measure was taken as a precaution and the authority increased the number of random and surprise inspections at the facilities, MRA chief executive Anthony Rizzo told Times of […]

Liquigas Safety Leaflet

Please read our safety tips carefully to ensure safe storage, handling, connecting and disconnecting of 10Kg, 12Kg, 15Kg and 25 kg Lpg Mix Cylinders, and fire safety tips. Download the Safety Leaflet – Maltese Download the Safety Leaflet – English

LPG Industry Roadmap

The Roadmap presents the “Autogas vision”, a scenario in which Autogas plays a significant role in helping Europe meet its energy and environmental challenges both now and in the future. Indeed, it demonstrates that given a strong commitment on the part of the industry and the implementation of an appropriate regulatory framework, Autogas could satisfy as […]

Liquigas Malta Launches Autogas in Malta

Liquigas Malta Limited, a joint venture between Multigas Limited (a local company specialising in industrial gases) and Liquigas Italy (a subsidiary of SHV Energy), today launched autogas in Malta. This was the first time that this fuel for motor vehicles has been made available in Malta. Branded ‘Auto Liquigas’, this was an instant hit with […]

Refundable Deposit nn Gas Cylinders

In a statement issued today, Liquigas clarified a number of points regarding the refundable deposit on all yellow, brown and green cylinders owned by Liquigas Malta Ltd. Download Full Article

Updated List of Gas Cylinder Distribution Points

Today Liquigas issued a press release highlighting new gas cylinder distribution points as from Saturday 18th December 2010. To view the press release release or the new distribution points follow the links below. Press Release – Gas Cylinder Distribution Points Gas Cylinder Distribution Points Schedule