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Switching your vehicle to Autogas…what do you need to know?

Read in MalteseRunning your car on Autogas fuel is not only cleaner than running it the common fuel types such as Diesel and Petrol, but it is also a cheaper alternative. But what is Autogas exactly? Autogas is the term used to describe the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas as a fuel for cars and […]

Checking your gas equipment: When and how

Read in MalteseWhile gas appliances provide users with an affordable alternative to electrically powered appliances, they need to be properly taken care of to ensure everyone’s safety. In fact, apart from ensuring that when you buy your gas appliances, they come with the right safety features and they’re installed by professionals, there are some other […]

Getting your first gas appliances: What to look out for

Read in MalteseBeing a new homeowner brings with it a lot of firsts. Your first time entering your new home. Your first time switching on the hob to cook your first meal there. Your first time snuggling in front of the TV, watching the latest blockbuster with the heater on. Your first time inviting your […]