Anthony Saliba

Chief Engineer at Phoenicia Hotel Malta


“Liquigas was there all the way every step, which has been a great help. I can truly say thanks to Liquigas and their team and show my apretiation and for sure I can recommend them to anyone that wants to have liquid storage

Noel Debattista

Distribution and Logistics Manager


“Looking back at this 11 years this is a true testimonial on the company’s philosophy where they support the employees who wish to grow within the company.”

Inġ David Degiorgio

Plant Manager at Gasco Energy Limited


“Liquigas is (…) the one stop shop, the service provider which provides all products and aspects related to gas at the highest levels of product quality and consistency”

Omar Bugeja

Technical Services Manager at Nylon Knitting


“Liquigas has been fundamental in achieving our goals thanks to their professionalism and technical expertise. Liquigas has also been a very strong partner business for this last 15 years.”

Karl Frendo Cumbo

Liquigas Malta client


“I always found the service very efficient and employees are very helpful. (…) I find it very convenient since it really helps with my every day life”

Alexander Thenner

Liquigas Malta client


“Soon we found out that there is a much more convenient way to receive gas, meaning, ordering online. (…) It was an easy way to order, it was reliable, they came always on time and we will remain loyal customers to Liquigas due to their fantastic service.”

Mariella Antoni

Customer Care Agent at Liquigas Malta


“I really like my job because through this company I am reaching out to our clients.”

Susan Pace

Liquigas Malta client


“The selection of the products is very good, very reliable. The service is excellent because they try to do their out must to satisfy the clients.”

Stephen L. Muscat

CFO & Company Secretary


“I am very happy that we are a company which is leading in the business that we operate. We strive very hard to satisfy all of our customers.”