Supplier of LPG Gas and Autogas in Malta
Your home or business is our most important asset. This is why we offer you various gas storage systems, guaranteeing delivery and installation of the tank, any excavation and restoration work, and construction of the external system.
Why chose bulk?
  • Better economical solution according to your needs
  • Reliable and safe
  • Ongoing assistance and support
  • Deep knowledge of your needs
  • Commitment to sustainability

Above the ground LPG tank

This is the best option for a discreet, out-of-sight gas storage system. The only thing visible is a small mound of earth with a green cover, through which you can easily fill the LPG tank. The rest of the tank remains invisible. This adequate for when you have less space available outside.

Above ground tank

Underground LPG tank

The gas tank is installed on a concrete or prefabricated base in your garden or facility, providing you with LPG for all your home’s energy needs: cooking, space heating and hot water.

Underground tank

Make sure to contact us via 2248 6010 or by sending an email to and receive a quotation from our commercial team!

Liquigas (36)

Every time you need a refill our road tankers will ensure you receive one!

You can schedule a fix refill or you can coordinate your refill and adapt it to your consumption. Liquigas Malta is here to simplify your life and guarantee a safe usage of LPG.