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What Is the Liquigas Lite Cylinder?

Liquigas Lite is the next generation gas cylinder with additional benefits to the traditional steel cylinder. These cylinders are extremely lightweight, attractive in both colour and shape, rust and corrosion proof and UV resistant.

The fibre glass composite layer gives it high tensile strength and makes the cylinder lightweight and UV resistant, whilst the heavy-duty polyethylene casing makes it resistant to rough handling and logistics.

Liquigas Lite cylinders comply with all the globally recognised accreditations and safety standards and are subject to multiple tests including hydraulic proof pressure, hydraulic volumetric expansion, cylinder burst, leaks, high temperatures and fire resistance.

Liquigas Lite Cylinder

Light & Efficient

Liquigas Lite gas cylinders are almost half the weight of steel cylinders with specially designed handle rings that provide a firm grip.

Aesthetic Appeal

These cylinders will not ruin the sight of a well pruned garden or be an eyesore in your balcony.

Visual control of gas level

Its translucent body enables you to accurately check the LPG gas level against light.


Cylinder materials do not corrode and therefore there are less chances of leaving stains and marks on different surfaces.

UV Protected

Cylinders materials include UV protective additives that withstand adverse weather conditions and prevent degradation.

100% eco-friendly

The composite glass fibre bottles can be crushed and added to concreteused for construction.


A full composite cylinders is approximately 5kg lighter.

It is available only in 12kg cylinders and the cost of the gas is the same as the steel cylinder, i.e. €15 in accordance with REWS regulated maximum price. For every cylinder purchase there is a service charge of €2. A New Service Refundable Deposit of €30 also applies when you enter the service contract with Liquigas.

You can order it directly from the Liquigas office by calling the order line 2248 6010 or by sending us a message on our Facebook page The cylinder will be delivered by one of our drivers at a time that is convenient for you or you can buy it personally from our plant in Kalafrana.

You can call the order line 2248 6010 or send us a Facebook message on

No. The steel cylinder can be returned in as per standard procedure with or without New Service Deposit Receipt. Following that a new contract is entered for the Liquigas Lite cylinder.

There is no need to replace the existing regulator. The same regulator used on the steel cylinder also fits the Liquigas Lite cylinder.

The height of the cylinder with the regulator attached to it is 71cm.

Heaters and kitchen cupboards vary by brand. One would need to check the interior height of the equipment/furniture to see if the cylinder fits.