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Camping with a Twiny gas cylinder will have you gas-ping with joy. Twiny gas cylinders and accessories are available directly from Liquigas HQ, multiple shops across Malta and Gozo as well as from our online store.

The Twiny cylinder has a capacity of 5kg and has multiple uses thanks to the various attachment accessories available at an additional price.

  • Height: 31cm
  • Diameter: 31cm
  • Liquid Capacity: 5Kg
  • Tare (empty cylinder): 7.5kg
  • Gross weight (full cylinder): 12.5kg
  • Areas of use: BBQ, outdoor stoves, camping, gardening.

NOTE: The standard cylinder regulators cannot be fitted onto the Twiny gas cylinder. Only the T-Control pressure regulator can be used.

T-CONTROL is the only pressure regulator that can be connected to a Twiny gas cylinder. T-Control is equipped with a safety mechanism that blocks heavy leaks and allows dispensing of gas only at optimal pressure.

  • Inlet connection: 20 mm
  • Outlet pressure: 30 mbar
  • Guaranteed flow rate: 1000 gr/h

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