SRG High Pressure Regulator Type 555


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The SRG Adjustable High Pressure Compact Regulator in connection with the SRG cylinder valve reduces the high gas pressure in the cylinder to the outlet pressure from 0-2 bar which is required for the operation of torches, burners and furnaces for commercial and industrial applications. (Single stage regulation with reinforced diaphragm)

The body and cover of this regulator form a sealed unit after assembly in order to prevent any external interference which may affect the regulating mechanism.

Regulator inlet with additional shut-off valve for extra safety.

No tools are required to connect the regulator to the valve.

Inlet Connection:

22 mm

Materials and Standards:

The SRG Adjustable High Pressure Compact Regulator is made of a zinc die casting (body and cover) and other corrosion-resistant and LPG-proof materials such as brass, stainless steel and acetal resin.

The rubber materials used are developed and produced according to the requirements of EN 549 as well as in accordance with SRG’s own stringent specifications.

Quality Standards:

SRG’s quality-control system carries an ISO 9001 certificate and is continually assessed by the Notified Body


Rated for inlet pressure of between 2,5 and 16 bar the regulator has a capacity of 8,0 kg gas/hr.


Connection lever and on/off tap interlocked to ensure easy and safe handling:

  • Connection is simple, by just pressing down
  • Cannot be unintentionally disconnected.
  • Switching on is possible only when the regulator is connected properly with the cylinder valve

The delivery pressure can be adjusted between 0 and 2 bar by turning the control knob anti-clockwise for increasing the pressure, respectively clockwise for reducing the pressure.