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Bajd u Bejken

Eggs & Bacon

David Micallef Sant
Chop House



500g dates
25g tamarind paste
40g red onion
10g garlic
8g chili, seeds removed
Juice of 1 orange
75ml apple juice
75ml red wine vinegar
40g honey
25g kunserva
150ml water


150g red onion
40g icing sugar
25g salt


1 egg yolk
100g clarified butter
Final Plate
40g brown sauce
10g shallots, charred
100g pork belly, cooked
1 confit egg yolk
80g Maltese bread
5g parsley
2g onion powder


SAUCE – Soak the dates and tamarind paste in warm water. Sweat the onion, garlic, and chili. Add the kunserva. Add the juices, vinegar, honey, and water. Cook until soft and blend.

ONION POWDER – Slice the onions thinly and place on a tray with a silipad and dust with icing sugar. Cook in the oven at 110°C till crispy for around 1hr 15 mins. Place in the plate warmer to dehydrate. Blend with salt.

EGG YOLK CONFIT – Place the clarified butter in a tray on the sous vide. Cook the egg yolk for 1 hour at 64°C.

PORK BELLY – Remove skin from belly and cure (2:1 salt to sugar) for 3 hours. Vacuum pack with thyme, olive oil and garlic. Sous vide 75°C for 12 hours. Press to make flat with a weight. Smoke for 1 hour. Portion.