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A water heater is a fundamental appliance in any home! It allows us to have a warm shower or bath to wash away the stress of the day, use our dish or cloth machine in a more efficient way by supplying it with hot water and wash our hands in the sink without freezing, especially in the winter.

Therefore, ensuring that you have the right and most ideal water heater for your home is essential.


Why should I choose an LPG water heater?

When choosing a water heater it is important to take into consideration different types of variables such as the type of power supply whether it uses LPG or electricity, the amount of hot water delivered as well as the cost and the space for installation. The reality is that LPG water heaters are a very popular option since they are very accessible and easier to install. While one might say that electrical water heaters are also accessible and easy to install, in the long run the gas version tends to be the most cost effective.

The advantages and benefits around having a gas water heater at your home are many and varied, and these include:

  • An unlimited supply of instant hot water, any time of day, even during a power outage and regardless of the usage of hot water;
  • Economical source of hot water;
  • Automatic reduction of your electricity bill;
  • Access to a higher eco-reduction benefit that will further reduce your utilities cost;
  • Simple to operate;
  • Safe to use;
  • Range of sizes to suit all your hot water needs;
  • Indoor and outdoor models available;
  • It’s a clean burning fuel.


What to keep in mind to guarantee that your water heater is always operational

Understanding that having a water heater is a vital need for every home, when opting for an LPG water heater, it is important to ensure that it is looked after and runs smoothly both when it comes to safety as well as to save money. What should you keep in mind when servicing your gas water heater? This is what Malta’s Regulator for Energy & Water Services had to say:

  1. Ensure that you run annual checks of your LPG water heater and move forward with any maintenance as needed.
  2. Insist on getting your LPG water heater checked by the manufacturer because they usually can spot issues with your boiler very easy.
  3. During their checks, a professional LPG gas engineer would also be able to test the efficiency of the gas water heater. The more efficient the heater, the less energy is wasted and the running costs for you will also be less.
  4. Keep tabs on your warranty to see how many times your water heater requires to be serviced. In the meantime, try to run any service by a qualified LPG gas safe engineer during the warmer months, so then, during the colder months, you have access to hot water without any worries.
  5. Always make sure to book your LPG water heater service with a fully qualified engineer.


Are you ready to start saving on your electricity bill? Then invest in a gas water heater that is the right fit for your home and your needs. Learn more about Liquigas Malta and its products by checking out Liquigas’ upcoming blogs.