Supplier of LPG Gas and Autogas in Malta

Liquigas suppliers Cylinders with an LPG Mix as well as with Propane gas. Both options are available in 12kg, 15kg and 25kg cylinders with the 25kg ones being available for commercial use only.

LPG can be used for:

  1. Cooking on both gas cookers and gas ovens.
  2. Ambient heating through gas heaters.
  3. Water heating in gas operating water heaters.
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When operating gas fuelled appliances always read the manufacturer’s instructions for proper and safe use of all equipment.

Prices shown as of 1st April, 2020


  • Loose Kgs - €1.50
  • 12 kg - €15.00
  • 15 kg - €18.75
  • 25 kg - €31.25 (for commercial use only)

Propane Gas

  • Loose Kgs - €1.65
  • 15 kg - €18.90
  • 25 kg - €31.45 (for commercial use only)

LPG Small Cylinders

Your 2kg or 3kg cylinder is no longer in good conditions to be refilled? Do not worry!

Liquigas Malta now provide you with the service of offering you the possibility to buy a new one from our Kalafrana store and we will ensure the filling with all safety. In this way you can keep using your smaller cylinders with no concern regarding safety and be able to do everything in just one place.

2kg + 3kg

LPG price regulated as of 1st January, 2024

2 Kg

  • Cylinder (empty) - €44.17
  • LPG Mix - 1.50€/Kg

3 Kg

  • Cylinder price (empty) - 48.18€
  • LPG Mix - 1.50€/Kg